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Voice - Bol Ke Lub Azaad Hain Teray - Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Voice - Bol Ke Lub Azaad Hain Teray - Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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We are thrilled to present to you a mesmerizing piece of Urdu calligraphy by the celebrated poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. This artwork beautifully showcases the poetic brilliance of Faiz and features the iconic phrase "Bol ke lab azad hain tere," which translates to "Speak - for your lips are free."

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, a distinguished figure in the world of Urdu poetry, has left an indelible mark with his profound words that resonate with the human spirit. This particular verse encapsulates the essence of freedom of expression, urging individuals to embrace their voices and fearlessly speak their minds.

Whether you're an ardent admirer of Urdu poetry, a lover of calligraphy, or simply someone who appreciates thought-provoking artwork, this piece will undoubtedly make a captivating addition to your collection. It also makes a thoughtful gift for friends, family, or anyone who holds the value of freedom close to their heart.

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